MSAR is an organization that was started by the First Nations to serve the following needs:

                                                            1. MSAR Working Dogs for local, national and international service
                                                            2. MSAR Elite Service Dogs
                                                            3. MSAR Therapy Dogs
                                                            4. MSAR Dog Training

MSAR is an independent Non-Government Organization (NGO) that has a main offices in Winnipeg and Red Sucker First Nation and is the only agency directed by aboriginal elders, advisors and First Nation leadership. We partner with like minded agencies to deliver and operate program and services.




Elijah Harper Service Dog Award - 2016

MSAR proudly announces the Elijah Harper Service Dog Award. In memory of one of the builders, mentors and leaders of MSAR – a deserving member of the public will receive a FREE service dog and FREE on-going support and training. Read More...


In Memory...

Please find listed the following dogs that have served and worked with MSAR in our K-9 programs.  They are gone but not forgotten....


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Gotta find the perfect spot!

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Video on Service Dog Training, as requested.......Do you need to take meds at a certain time? or Have trouble getting up in the morning or from a nap?.. Well, here is what a Service Dog can do to assist........Here is Elite Service Dog Tobi doing one of his tasks with MSAR trainer Janet.........enjoy MSAR ... See MoreSee Less

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K9 Max is turning 6 months!!
Here is a video his handler Samantha made.
See you soon for your PA test little buddy!
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It is hump day.........from the lol file.....who can relate?......enjoy MSAR ... See MoreSee Less

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Mind, body and soul...Post Traumatic Growth... ... See MoreSee Less

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OMG this puppy is just about the cutest little brat EVER! haha! ;) video by Beth Rogalewicz

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Spot Light - Choosing a Service Dog Breed

We get many emails and messages with questions and one of the most common is….”What breed of dog should I use for a service dog?”

The next instalment of what breeds of dogs we use for Service Dogs - we have already posted on Golden Retrievers and now ————Australian Shepherds. The Aussie aka the “Ghost Dog” sacred to Aboriginals because of their two colour eyes and a favourite of our founder George Leonard. Our lead dog and public relations dog is an Aussie (Bennie) and people are amazed at his temperament, bond with his handler and his level of training. Of course George is bias when it comes to talking about Aussies but he states..”He literally knows me better than I know myself, and I owe my life to this amazing friend and partner."
These are one of our go to breeds and we use tons of Aussies in our service dog programs for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Seizure Detection. These dogs are known as velcro dogs and bond deeply with their partners, so they are very in tune if their partner is out of balance. And for seizures - well you can’t beat their stalking ability since they were originally bred as herding dogs.

Trainable - yes very trainable and extremely intelligent and must be kept busy.
Family - great family dogs, make sure to stay on top of their nature to herd.
Shedding - regular brushing required
Bonding - velcro dogs
Health - make sure to get them from a good breeder
Other animals - great with other dogs and cats
Protective - this is not a guard dog
Exercise - needs regular exercise and play
Size - mini size and regular

Aussies (except Spirit) from Lonesum D Australian Shepherds - big thanks to Pearl and Naomi for - Bennie, Bernie, Miki, Strat, Cully, Mia

Watch this Friday on Animal Planet the new tv hit “Collar of Duty” as K9 Spirit and Butch will be featured on this weeks episode 10:00 pm East.
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MSAR Elite Service Dog Molly walking her horse "Duke". Please share and enjoy...
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Police Magazine

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