Lego – Autism

Lego & Tupper Tupper sleeps, is learning to self-regulate with Lego’s help and we can go shopping and for walks without having to strap Tupper into a stroller the whole time. Tupper was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder just after turning 2. From the time he was born Tupper [...]

About Us

Quick find: Process of receiving a Service Dog Our Vests Breed Selection Access & Rights Process of receiving a Service Dog 1. Consult with your medical team and evaluate the needs and see if a service dog will fit into your long term treatment plan. If this is a go, you need [...]

Macy – PTSD

Macy & Janelle Macy changed my life, I cannot stress this enough. Every time I go out the most common question I get is definitely “Is she helping?”, and I can’t do much more than point out that I’m outside of my house! Macy is a two year old Golden [...]


MSAR Elite Service Dog program trains world class service dogs for any disability and some even one of a kind service dogs. MSAR was the first organization to have PTSD service dogs. And our founder was the first, first responder in Canada with a PTSD service dog. MSAR started the first and largest service [...]


Bell Let's Talk.... In keeping with the Bell lets talk - MSAR is proud to present the story of our founder George Leonard. He is an amazing person that has helped thousands of people through his SAR / Recovery, Service Dog Programs and the many other programs and initiatives he has started. He is greatly [...]

MSAR Therapy

Bite Prevention Program The program has been operating for four years addresses the problem of dog attacks in the city and rural communities. The youth are taught the proper methods of interacting with wild and domestic dogs, how to avoid dog attacks and what to do should you be attacked. The lead dog of the [...]

Countries of Support

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If you are requesting a new MSAR Service Dog please fill out the form below to begin the process of selection. We will contact you at earliest available time once the form has been submitted.   [gform form='']

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