Veteran Spotlight – Shirley & Snoopy – February 1st 2017

Veteran Spot light……..Shirley and Snoopy, great team and a personal friend of our founder George Leonard. Great respect for Shirley’s military service and her decision to also give back to the veterans community by helping the next person. We will be seeing Shirley and K9 Snoopy soon for recertification in Winnipeg or Edmonton.

“Last year was one of my darkest and I did not plan on making it through…the darkness seemed endless and I had decided I was too much of a burden for my friends, family and society…I made sure all my ducks were in a row so that those I care about in my life would be receive my benefits…I had my 3 Coarse of Action plans…then I remembered all of those that have helped me…friends, family (blood, military and first responder), cadets and all the medical facilitators…I remembered the most precious angel, Snoopy…how much I would hurt everyone because I took my life…all these people that believe in me…many like me, that they would wonder if they could have done something to help me more….I understand survivor guilt as it haunts me daily for all those brothers and sisters in arms we lost…if I could have done something better while in Intelligence to keep them safe…I am still working on that…I have two amazing medical professionals that have been there for me when I was on the edge…my Doctor and my Social Worker…as they believe in me for reasons I question when I get dark…how can I stop fighting when I have so much to live for…to all my military/first responder family thank-you for never judging and always being there no matter how hard I tried to push you away..if not for Courageous Companions helping me get Snoopy certified as my Service Dog I would not be here today..thank-you to all of those that are the light in my life…before you know it the bit of light grows a bit more every day…My PTSD came from caring so much about what I did, from keeping the walls up and closing off my emotions until it almost destroyed me…please reach out and talk to someone, don’t let the darkness win.” – Shirley, Bell Let’s Talk